Talent Competitions

The Talent Competition Series is a competition series that involves monthly competitions with youth and young adults from urban neighborhoods competing for major prizes. The competitions begin by conducting auditions and recruiting between 10 and 15 of the best act/group or acts to perform as new “TALENT” in a special performance, open to the public at the end of the month. Some of the potentially young talents from these ethnicities have never had the chance to excel in the natural abilities. As such, TPP provides positive outlets for these young talents to help them to realize their potential and show them there is more to life than drugs, gangs, crime and violence. After the recruitment, TPP’s skilled volunteers and staff work with the selected youth and young adults to improve their level of performance by recommending presentations and delivery to prepare them for the thematic competitions and public performances. The youth interested in rap (using his or her own material) are helped with phrasing; no sexually explicit language or profanity is allowed; only positive rap directed to the theme.